Mold Removal

 Rockville tends to be underappreciated due to its proximity to Washington, DC. This is a shame, because the area has its own vibrant history.

A mix of old small town with trails and parks abounding, the peace of the area can make for a nice break from the capital chaos.

However, as close to DC as Rockville is, it can share some of the same problems.

Two of those problems being, as anyone in the area can attest, humidity and moisture.


The area is well known for its humid seasons. In the autumn Rockville fields an ice-skating rink, while the rest of the year the local weather can wear on local buildings, some of which date from the nineteenth century. One major concern from such damp air and earth is the possibility for mold.


Mold can grow quickly and moist, damp, or humid areas, and older buildings with leaky foundations, cracked walls, or neglected roofs can easily become susceptible to its growth. When that happens, it’s important that the mold be removed and the area cleaned, including air filtration to remove spores.

Mold removal is important for the inhabitant’s health and the structural integrity of the building.
Most important:
Prevent the molds from settling and growing more mold!​
macro shot of fuzzy mold
Mold inspection

How to prevent mold from settling

The area is dried out so there’s no water or moisture. More moisture might develop later, but, with the spores and mold gone, the lack of it will help prevent more mold growth. It can also help reduce the extent of potential damage. On that note, any damage caused by the mold should be inspected, cleaned, and repaired as well. Mold removal is a multi-faceted process. It involves not only the removal of the mold, but also making sure more mold doesn’t grow, and that any damage is repaired.

Mold removal is an involved process, depending on the extent of the spread and damage caused. A bit of mold in the bathroom can be easily cleaned. A basement riddled with mold and water damage from an old foundation, though, will require professional help. Professional mold removal experts, like us, have the tools, training, and experience to handle major mold removal and restoration

Mold removal process

The extent of the mold and damage will dictate how serious the mold removal process will be overall. Mold can cause serious health problems, clog vents, and damage buildings. Areas like Rockville with higher humidity and water content are especially susceptible to mold. This is before taking into account the older, brick and stone buildings, which tend to collect water and allow mold to grow. While the mold might not cause as much damage against rock, it can still cause plenty of damage to people and their pets. That’s why mold removal is so important.